Red light cameras losing money

ABC News has this.

The [Los Angeles] Police Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday calling for an end to the traffic cameras, claiming their costly presence does not actually make streets safer. The decision still has to be approved by the City Council, but according to Councilman Dennis Zine, the move was a right one.

"The program has many flaws," he told ABCNews.com. He said that Los Angeles loses about $1 million annually to keep the cameras up. Tickets which are issued cost drivers about $500, but for each ticket the city receives less than $150, he said. . . .

More than 500 U.S. communities have employed the use of red-light cameras, but some have also been unplugging the cameras lately.

In November of last year, Houston residents voted for an end to the cameras. In Anaheim, Calif., that same month, residents there overwhelmingly voted against having the cameras. . . .



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