Much of the media fails to alert readers and listeners to Media Matters' political biases

Much of the media refers to Media Matters for America as a completely objective source to evaluate media coverage. Looking through news reports since the beginning of June finds some outlets alert readers to Media Matters' biases. For example, The Hill newspaper writes: "the liberal group Media Matters." The NY Times notes: "liberal watchdog group Media Matters." Other comments at CNN, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, public radio station WFPL, and Media Bistro are the same.

On the other hand, other media outlets don't warn readers or listeners of any biases: Politico (here and here), the Washington Post's Salon, Discover magazine, Foreign Policy, MSNBC, Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Miami Herald, and not very surprisingly AOL's Huffington Post. While I have tried to be inclusive pointing to all the media stories that I have found, the one exception is that I have excluded obviously left wing media outlets such as Mother Jones. Outside the United States you have the UK Guardian.

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