"Obama Re-Election Team Reportedly Starts Digging in on Christie"

Democrats show sharp elbows for campaign.

An insider with President Obama's re-election campaign says it is not digging into Chris Christie's past to find dirt on the New Jersey governor but did not deny that somebody loyal to the president may be.
An Obama 2012 campaign source told Fox News that the campaign is not involved in efforts described in a New York Post story published Monday that says Obama operatives are "compiling a dossier" of material that could be used to damage Christie if he does a 180-degree shift and decides to run for president.
The newspaper reported that the operatives are trying to work under the radar to avoid attracting attention to Christie, who's already considered a superstar among Republican Party faithful who have begged him to run for the White House. Christie has repeatedly rejected a campaign, insisting that "short of suicide," he doesn't know what to say to convince people that he's not running. . . .



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