Gov. Chris Christie pulls NJ out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Does this make it more likely that Christie will run for president? In any case, it is a good sign that he would be willing to do this even in a very liberal state such as NJ.

In a blow to clean energy advocates throughout the Northeast, Gov. Chris Christie said this morning that the state will pull out of the region’s "gimmicky" cap-and-trade program by the end of the year.
During a Statehouse news conference, Christie acknowledged the effects humans are having on climate change but said the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was doing nothing to solve the problem.
"This program is not effective in reducing greenhouse gases and is unlikely to be in the future," Christie told reporters. "The whole system is not working as it was intended to work. It’s a failure." . . .

Calling it a "gimmicky program" and a "failure" that taxes citizens and businesses, Gov. Chris Christie announced today that New Jersey will pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initative by the end of the year. . . .



Blogger Claude said...

It sounds like he still believes in man-made global warming. I am not sure how this improves his standing with either side.

5/27/2011 7:11 AM  

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