Debt Ceiling "will" be hit on May 16

It isn't like hitting the debt limit on a particular day is written in stone. Expenditures can be delayed (or even speeded up), unexpected payments into the Treasury can occur. The more surprising point in this article is the second to last sentence below in bold:

The emergency measures to avoid a debt ceiling crisis begin this week.
We will hit the debt ceiling May 16.
Then, following that, emergency moves will get the country to be able to borrow until August 2.
The good news: Projected net borrowing needs for the April-June period has been reduced somewhat to $142 billion. . . .

I am not sure how the government will be able to keep borrowing after the debt limit is hit. Even today the Obama administration is still fighting not to cut any more spending.

The Obama Administration would like a straightforward, up-or-down vote on the debt ceiling, unencumbered by any conditions. Republicans, however, are insisting that any deal on raising the debt ceiling has to include meaningful budget cuts if it is going to attract the votes necessary for passage in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. . . .

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