Arizona legislature passes limited concealed carry on campus law

From the Christian Science Monitor:

The latest attempt to expand gun owners’ rights in Arizona – by allowing them to carry their weapons on public college campuses – is now up to Gov. Jan Brewer.

On Thursday, Senate Bill 1467, which had already cleared the Senate, passed in the House 33 to 24. It would allow people to carry their guns when walking or driving through campuses on public streets and sidewalks. The bill was narrowed from its original version, which would have allowed guns in campus buildings as well. . . .

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Blogger Home on the Range said...

I'm hoping we'll see more of that, as well as the ability of a teacher to carry. You educate and you protect. You can't do that swatting at some disgruntled armed thug with your ruler.

4/09/2011 8:36 AM  

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