Public Employee Unions make it impossible to fire some pretty bad people

What happens when a state employee rapes or assaults a disabled person in his charge? The NY Times states:

The Times reviewed 399 disciplinary cases involving 233 state workers who were accused of one of seven serious offenses, including physical abuse and neglect, since 2008. In each of the cases examined, the agency had substantiated the charges, and the worker had been previously disciplined at least once.

In 25 percent of the cases involving physical, sexual or psychological abuse, the state employees were transferred to other homes.

The state initiated termination proceedings in 129 of the cases reviewed but succeeded in just 30 of them, in large part because the workers’ union, the Civil Service Employees Association, aggressively resisted firings in almost every case.



Blogger Chas said...

"Public Employee Unions make it impossible to fire some pretty bad people."

No, it is the rules of the government agencies that govern firings.
Unions represent government employees, they do not fire government employees, and they cannot be held accountable for the incompetent firing practices of inept management at government agencies. Shifting the blame from the people in charge and off onto the unions may be politically useful for a union busting agenda, but it's wrong.
The executive branch is responsible for the management of government agencies, yet I see state governors sidestepping that responsibility and pointing their fingers at the unions. Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, the public is already resentful of the unions even just having jobs, so it's easy for irresponsible officials to sidestep their responsibility and shift the blame.
Instead of, "the buck stops here", it's "the buck stops there", and unfortunately, the public is buying the ruse.

3/27/2011 9:44 AM  

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