Movement in Illinois on Concealed Carry

Possibly this compromise will do the trick and get the bill passed.

An Illinois House committee approved amendments on a proposal to legalize the concealed carrying of guns.
The new version expands the places where firearms would still be banned.
The list includes libraries, police stations, schools, sporting events, bars, and restaurants where alcohol represents the bulk of sales.
Chiefs of police from around the state met Wednesday night in Springfield with state leaders of the National Rifle Association.
A source said that weeks of negotiations between the police chiefs and the Illinois State Rifle Association had achieved a "hand shake agreement." Wednesday's meeting was to determine whether this "agreement in principle" could be reduced to writing, with detailed language acceptable to both sides.
Sources said the compromise includes concessions by the NRA on eight different issues. Among them: any concealed carry permit would have an expiration date. To renew it, permit holders would have to re-certify their gun safety skills. Also, any permit holder stopped by law enforcers would have a "duty to inform" immediately if they carried a firearm.
Illinois and Wisconsin are the only states where it is illegal in virtually all instances for private citizens to conceal that they're carrying a firearm. . . .



Blogger Chas said...

"...and restaurants where alcohol represents the bulk of sales."

What kind of pointy-headed, idiot politician sits back and thinks up things like that?
You and your family are hungry and you want to eat. Do you have to apply for a copy of a summary of the restaurant's annual alcohol sales vs. food sales before you can be seated? Does it have to be a current year-to-date figure to stand up in court, or can it just be last year’s sales?
The idiot politicians who think they can force policy on people by waving a magic wand and making it so, should be stripped of their US citizenship and deported elsewhere (anywhere). Anyone old enough to get elected who hasn't yet figured out that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and instead believes that the USA is just a toy for semi-retarded, left-leaning, policy wonks to play with, is such a hopeless threat to our liberty that they shouldn't be allowed to live here anymore. Get thee hence! Now!

4/02/2011 6:11 AM  

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