If the energy savings paid for themselves, don't you think that businesses would do this on their own?

Why does Obama think that he has to force companies to do something that he claims will save them money? What a waste of money.

With an aggressive plan that has put businesses on notice, the White House has recently targeted the country's biggest energy guzzlers: skyscrapers and buildings. Hospitals, universities and colleges, too.
Commercial and industrial buildings suck up about 49% of the country’s energy supply, worse than cars and trucks, says the Department. of Energy.
President Barack Obama has tapped former President Bill Clinton and General Electric (GE: 20.12, +0.26, +1.31%) chief executive Jeffrey Immelt to lead the way in cutting buildings’ energy usage by a fifth over the next decade.
The plan? Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks, government loans and grants. Who pays? Oil companies, with potentially $39 billion in tax hikes.
Ironically, the Government Accountability Office says the federal government is the nation’s single largest energy consumer, its buildings making up 35% of the government’s energy consumption. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Obama says that it will save them money, but he just says that to sucker the rubes into doing it. The point is to drive capitalism into inefficiency, and thereby help to wreck it. It's just more common sense communism from the Obama. He's a very sensible guy, from the Marxist perspective.
But this is just a small part of what we've been doing to capitalism for decades. We prevent them from getting the raw materials they need to make things by banning mining, drilling and logging. We prevent them from getting the energy they need to produce things by shutting down nuclear plants, coal mining, oil exploration and hydroelectric dams. At the end of the capitalist process, we do everything we can to make it difficult, if not impossible for them to generate waste. We do all that in the name of the environment, but it's really about us via the government taking more and more control from the private sector.
When we commies run things, we won't give a hoot about the environment any more than we did when we ran the Soviet Union, which, as everyone knows, was an ecological disaster. So what? Once we're totally in charge, we can do as we please with no consequences. Any uppity environmentalists will get a one way ticket to the gulag! We're just using them for now, but if they overstay their welcome, it's bye bye time for them. Ha! Ha!"

3/30/2011 3:33 PM  

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