High Capacity Gun Magazines

Here is an interesting point by Rabbi Dovid Bendory:

No one “needs” a seat belt. After all, 99.999 percent of your driving time you don’t “need” a seatbelt. You only “need” a seat belt during an automobile crash. Do you want a seatbelt? Of course! No one would even debate this issue.



Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course people need seatbelts. It's a great excuse for us to ram our authoritarian governmentalism down people's throats with mandatory seatbelt laws. Private gun ownership, however, empowers the individual against the authority of the Marxist state. We can't have that! Where's the totalitarian control in allowing people to be free? It's just not common communist sense!
And if people complain that they feel defenseless, we can just tell them to shut up and pay higher taxes for more police. That'll shut them up! Ha! Ha!"

4/02/2011 6:59 AM  

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