Dismal polls on Obamacare's anniversary

Kim Strassel at the WSJ's Political Diary has this:

No surprise then that the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows a significant erosion of even the timid support the bill had upon passage. A year ago, 35% of respondents said they and their family would be "better off" as a result of the legislation; today 26% feel that way. A year ago, 28% believed their quality of care would be better under ObamaCare; today that number is 20%. Around passage of the legislation, 31% believed the cost of their care would get better; only 23% now believe that promise. Only 2% of those questioned believe their health insurance premiums have been going down; fully half say their premiums are going up. And more people now say their family has been "negatively affected" by ObamaCare than those who say their family has benefitted. . . .

Note also:

The Washington Post went so far as to call Mrs. Pelosi's recent claims that the law has created jobs and will cut the deficit "false or exaggerated." . . .

So where is the Democrat effort to sell the program?

Democrats are under siege as they mark the first anniversary of health care reform Wednesday — and they won't get much help from the star-studded, $125 million support group they were once promised.

Wal-Mart Watch founder Andrew Grossman unveiled the Health Information Campaign with great fanfare last June. Tom Daschle and Ted Kennedy's widow, Vicki, were expected to lead the effort. They'd have help from former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn. They'd have an office in Washington with 10 or 15 operatives backing the Affordable Care Act and those who supported it.

And they'd have money to spend: Grossman hoped for $25 million a year for five years.

But nine months later, the Health Information Campaign has all but disappeared. . . .

It looks like the only pushes for Obamacare have been paid for by taxpayers.

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