5 Myths that Movies have Given Us About Guns that Everyone Believes

Here is a very interesting article about the misinformation that people get about guns: Silencers Turn Gunfire Into a Gentle Whisper, Machine Guns are Magical Death Machines, Bulletproof Vests Are Magical Force Fields, Gratuitous Cocking, and Bullets Explode Everything.



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

A most excellent link, Dr. Lott. Having had my fun with full auto weapons in the past, it never ceases to amaze me at what lengths Holywood will go to over portray weapons usage in films.

My favorite foulup was discharging an M-16 A1 from inside a M135 series vehicle (deuce and a half) from inside the cab. Needless to say, the results did not match Hollywood drivebys! The joys of burning brass were sucktacular at the very least... Not to mention very loud too!

3/28/2011 1:24 PM  

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