Obama's Panel on Small Businesses filled with CEOs of large business and unions

Gooslbee seems to always be willing to say anything for this administration.

. . . Hours after the White House released a list of members appointed to the panel, Austan Goolsbee, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, was asked to explain why most of Obama’s appointments to the 22-member board are executives at big companies.

Goolsbee began his response by instead mentioning the names of Obama’s newest nominees to the CEA. “Carl Shapiro himself started a small business that he grew and sold to a larger business,” Goolsbee said of the deputy assistant attorney general nominated by Obama on Wednesday.

He then cited the January nomination of Katharine Abraham, reminding reporters that back “in the ’90s,” she had worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I think they have good knowledge about small business,” he said of Shapiro and Abraham.

Finally, on the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness: “Many of those names are CEOs of larger companies, but there are several small business members of that council,” Goolsbee said, not naming anyone specific. (There is one: Darlene Miller.)

The list of members also includes “union labors,” “academics” and “people representing many different industries,” he added. . . .

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