Another gun control bill introduced in the Congress

1) Virtually no criminal guns are obtained from gun shows.
2) Background checks do not stop criminals from getting guns. But the rules do harm law-abiding citizens.
3) With all the delays found in background checks, this imposes a real cost on law-abiding citizens who need guns quickly for protection and a one, two or three day delay can take the prevent a sale from even taking place at a gun show.

From The Hill newspaper:

The measure, says the New Jersey Democrat, will go a long way toward keeping firearms from the hands of the mentally ill and drug abusers — a topic that’s returned to national prominence this month following the shooting of an Arizona congresswoman.

“While the tragedy in Tucson weighs heavily on the national conscience, it’s business as usual for gun show dealers who continue to peddle dangerous guns without a background check,” Lautenberg said Monday in a statement. “The gun show loophole remains in place today because the special interest gun lobby has scared off legislators from enacting responsible reform. It’s time to put aside business as usual in Washington and start considering the safety of our families over special interests.”

Under current law, licensed gun dealers are required to run background checks to ensure buyers are legally eligible to buy firearms. Felons, illegal immigrants, habitual drug abusers and the mentally ill are among those banned from owning guns. The guidelines apply to licensed dealers in all venues, including gun shows. But unlicensed dealers are exempt wherever they sell, unless they “know” or have “reason to believe” the buyer fits one of the prohibited categories. . . .

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Blogger Donald Sensing said...

And, of course, there is no such thing as a "gun show loophole." The only people who think there is have never been to a gun show.

Around where I live, the (infrequent) gun shows are thick with BATF agents, anyway, so good luck trying to circumvent the law.

As for "gun show dealers who continue to peddle dangerous guns without a background check," I have yet to visit a FFL dealer at a gun show who sold guns there any differently than in his shop - because, of course, the law is the law everywhere, not just in a gun store.

And as you imply, dealers at gun shows really are only taking orders. At not one gun show I have visited could I buy a firearm and walk out with it on the spot.

2/01/2011 9:59 PM  

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