With a third year of around $1.4 to $1.5 trillion deficits, Republicans are not thrilled about Obama promising even more spending

What Mitch McConnell had to say on Fox News Sunday.

WALLACE: Well, let me ask you about that, because the White House says while the president will call for budget cuts, that he's also going to call for some new spending in areas like education and research and infrastructure. Will you support any of that?
MCCONNELL: Well, look, when you hear, with all due respect to our Democratic friends, any time they want to spend, they call it investment, so I think you will hear the president talk about investing a lot Tuesday night.
We've got a huge spending problem here. We've had over $1 trillion annual deficit each of the last two years. Our friends on the other side a couple of years ago passed a budget that will double the national debt in five and triple it in 10. I mean, most of us think, and most American -- of the American people think that we need to do something about this and start doing it now.
We'll take a look at his recommendations. We always do. But this is not a time to be looking at pumping up government spending in very many areas.
WALLACE: Well, I mean, let me ask you again, specifically, as he says, and you're exactly right, they're calling it investments, in education, in research, things like renewable energy, in infrastructure. How does that sound to you?
MCCONNELL: Well, I don't think anything ought to be off-limits for the effort to reduce spending. And I've said to my constituents over the last couple of weeks, as they brought up particular areas of interest, don't assume that we can tackle this without impacting something you like.
So I don't think we ought to start out with the notion that -- that a whole lot of areas in the budget are exempt from reducing spending, which is what we really need to do and do it quickly. . . .



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