Schumer: warns of 'crisis' in Judiciary

This isn't something that he would have said 2.5 years ago.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, already exercising his expanded authority in the new Congress, says he is helping broker a bipartisan push to confirm a slew of federal judges and has kicked off plans to empower younger senators.

“There is a crisis in the judiciary,” Schumer, the third-ranking Senate Democrat, said in an interview for the POLITICO video series “What Lies Ahead.”

“I’m even hopeful, maybe, that the president could mention this in the State of the Union, to talk about getting these judges put on the bench.” . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to outsource the federal judiciary. Decriminalize most federal crimes (80 to 90% of current criminal cases should be state crimes), and remove jurisdiction back to the state for as many civil cases as possible.

1/24/2011 6:48 AM  

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