Jon Stewart deceptively edits footage in story

This is pretty bad.

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This program is actually even worse than O'Reilly claims, primarily because O'Reilly is only going after the part of the show that attacks him. Megan Kelley was treated shabbily. One guest made the absurd claim that Fox News makes those Nazi type claims every night. Kelley said that was simply false. Stewart disagrees and provides "proof" of this claim with clips from four shows over six years: 2005, 2007 (a guest), 2008 (two clips on what appears to be the same discussion by O'Reilly), and 2010. I assume that if he had found earlier clips Stewart would have used them, so four over probably many more than six years. Stewart's staff obviously just did a Nexis or some other computer search on the word Nazi and those are the four hits that they got. Stewart then probably thinking that no one remembered exactly what Kelley said then claims that Kelley claimed no one has ever used the word Nazi. That is not what she said. I rarely use language that is this strong, but Stewart is simply dishonest and if his viewers don't pick up on how he changed the statements by Kelley through the course of the segment, they are not very smart.



Blogger Unknown said...

I think Stewart used the many clips of fox news referring to Nazi's, as a response to Megan Kelley's assertion that fox never does that. the Stewart segment was not about Bill. As well, that terrible quote from the Huffington post, was from their website visitor comments section - not actually written by the paper itself, i think Bill must know this, and so isn't he doing the exact thing he is accusing Stewart of?

1/31/2011 1:41 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear bbmike:

Sorry, but you must have been asleep during the Stewart segment. He spends about equal time on O'Reilly and Kelley. Please also see above for not only a copy of the Stewart segment but also a brief discussion that I have on it. If you need to view it a couple of times, please do and please time the segments.

2/01/2011 12:40 AM  

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