Concealed Carry Map in January 2011

Note: 99.4 percent of Montana is also unrestricted.
The year by year history is available here.



Blogger Cory Brickner said...

In 20 more years hopefully we will see 90% of the US in green and 10% in blue.

1/03/2011 7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"May Issue" is a misnomer in most states. But for a handful of celebrities, retired cops, judges and the traditional "cash" carrying business, nobody gets to carry in these states.
The saddest thing about these states is that if you are a celebrity or politician with threats against you, the state will grant you permisssion to carry, implicitly admitting that personal firearms are useful and functional self preservation tools. However, for everyone else a gun is "an accident waiting to happen" or "likely to cause more harm than good" or will lead to "shootouts like the wild west" (my favorite). Keep the pressure on 'em John, to reconcile their hypocrisy

1/04/2011 4:44 PM  
Blogger Thee Desecrator said...

Velentsgrif, that is probably true for at least New York State and maybe a few others. I would like to give you a little hope, though. Minnesota's 2001-2002 report (we didn't get shall-issue until 2003) shows 13,709 applied and only 904 denied. A decent amount of those were denied for decent to good reasons. Reference here.

Also, I'm not worried. Look at that chart! I think it is showing that more people are open to self defense laws than before, regardless political affiliation. Granted, there are fanatics on both sides, I refuse to align myself with a party, I vote for the individual, not the party.

1/07/2011 3:25 PM  
Blogger Thee Desecrator said...

Oh, and also, I believe we'll be getting Wisconsin this year (or maybe next year). Leaving Illinois the only state left in the red.

Since I live 15 or so miles from Wisconsin, I know lots of WI folks. Lots of them complain on how it is going to be expensive and the training requirement will be too high.

Sadly, none of them can tell me how expensive or how high the training requirements are, so I'll just call them whiners for now. Hopefully it's $100 or less for 5 years and training is $100 or less. If not, sorry for calling you whiners!

1/07/2011 3:32 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hawaii for all intents and purposes is still a no-issue state. Although we are a May-issue state, a license to carry has not been issued here in over 15 years!

4/23/2015 2:40 AM  

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