"Rendell calls bid to curb guns in Pennsylvania 'a lost cause'"

In reading this discussion by Rendell note that this last year Democrats controlled the Assembly.

On Monday, Rendell defended his weekend veto of a bill expanding gun owners' self-defense rights - but declared his efforts to reduce gun violence through legislation "an abject failure."

"It's a lost cause in Pennsylvania," Rendell said in a conference call with reporters. He accused the General Assembly of kowtowing to the National Rifle Association. . . .

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Blogger Carteach said...

Yes, poor Eddie Rendell is rather unhappy with the way that worked out. His plan to limit individual rights was derailed by the very people he tried to inflict it upon. It turns out his Straw man, the NRA, is actually an organization with millions of individual members who feel strongly about their rights. This confused Eddie, as he's only used to dealing with organizations comprised mostly of fictitious members and dubious, murky, financial backing.

A few million real live humans standing up and telling him 'NO' took him completely by surprise.

Poor little man.

12/03/2010 6:12 AM  
Blogger ToryII said...

Rendell is a lawyer.

The 2nd amendment prohibits govt from regulating guns.


12/03/2010 6:25 AM  
Blogger ToryII said...

Gun control has its roots in the minds of police. High ranking police believe an armed public is a threat to the safety of police.

Politicians will eagerly create gun control laws if they know the police want it.

The 2nd amendment was included into the ten original Bill of Rights because the Framers knew police (the govt's strongarm) would quickly attempt to ban or restrict weapons.

Gun control is both illegal (unconstitutional) and immoral.

Any person (cop, politician, or Judge) who creates or helps create a gun law, or who enforces a gun law is both a law-breaker and or a criminal.

12/03/2010 6:31 AM  

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