Republicans pick up a lot of state legislatures

From the National Conference of State Legislatures:
Republicans made huge gains in state legislative races and are at their highest point since 1928.
The Alabama House and Senate, Indiana House, Iowa House, Maine House and Senate, Michigan House, Minnesota House and Senate, Montana House, New Hampshire House and Senate, North Carolina House and Senate, Ohio House--a big redistricting win--the Pennsylvania House, and the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate all have flipped from Democrat to Republican.
This is the first time in Alabama that Republicans have controlled the legislature since reconstruction. The North Carolina Senate has not been Republican since 1870. And Republicans have reportedly taken over 100 seats in the New Hampshire House. For the first time in history, the Minnesota Senate will be controlled by the GOP. . . .

From Fox News:

GOPAC pegs the party's chamber pickups at about 23. . . . The party picked up 20 chambers in the 1994 election . . . Overall, more than 6,100 state legislative seats were up for grabs in 46 states. Republican state legislative candidates made a net gain of more than 500 seats on Tuesday, giving them more seats than at any time since 1928, according to the NCSL. . . .

Republicans now make up more than half the legislators in the country. In the various state Houses, Democrats have slid from about 56 percent down to 43 percent.

Here is what the map looks like now.

Below is the legislative makeup before the election. This pickup of at least 675 seats has made a big difference.

The changes in state legislatures can be seen here.

Combine the state legislatures with the new governorship map. It looks like you will be able to add Oregon. Connecticut, and Maine to the Republican totals.

By my rough count the Republicans control the state legislatures and governorship in 20 states (including Nebraska where the state legislature is technically nonpartisan). As of this moment, there look to be only six states where Democrats clearly control the state legislatures and governorships in states, though that could increase will Illinois and Washington. It also depends on how one counts Rhode Island with Calfee.
There will be a lot of reforms that will now get passed. For example, it seems likely that Wisconsin will pass a right-to-carry law.

UPDATE: A number of state legislators have switched parties since the election, at least 18 in the South and one each in Maine and South Dakota.



Blogger OldSouth said...

The GOP lead in both houses in Tennessee increased dramatically, from slim to decisive leads. Locally, the long-time Democrat state senator was upset by a first-time GOP candidate, who was candidly surprised that he had won! The anti-incumbent, and anti-Democrat sentiment was that overwhelming.

Here's hoping that this opportunity is used wisely, for the good of the country, now and long into the future.

11/06/2010 10:00 PM  

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