Push for concealed carry on campus in Kansas

One outcome of the Republican sweep in state legislatures may be that a more reasonable approach will be taken towards self-defense and the elimination of gun free zones.

A state lawmaker said he'll try again to push through a law allowing concealed firearms to be carried on college campuses.

The effort to allow guns on campus was supported by the House during the 2010 legislative session, but died in the Senate.

Republican Rep. Forrest Knox said he intends to try again to push through such legislation when the 2011 session begins in January. His proposal would allow Kansans with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons into public buildings if those buildings aren't equipped with security measures such as metal detectors and guards.

"My plan is to move that forward," he said. "We will revise it somewhat and try to deal with situations, realistic situations, in public buildings."

"If you deny my right to provide for my own security, then you need to provide for my security." . . .

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