Something for the dumb criminal file

This is a pretty funny case. Possibly this will be used to handle other robbers.

Despite 30 years of practice, Nathan Wayne Pugh still hasn't quite gotten the whole crime thing down.

His "robbery" of the Wells Fargo Bank in the 4200 block of Lemmon Avenue on July 26 is making the rounds among local police and federal agents.

"It's almost unheard of," FBI spokesman Mark White said of Pugh's tactics.

Police say that at about lunchtime on that Monday, the 49-year-old Sachse man walked into the bank and approached a teller. At the time, he had been out of prison for a year, on parole for aggravated robbery.

Pugh informed the teller he wanted to "make a withdrawal," according to a federal criminal complaint. When she asked him how much, he passed her a scrap of paper. He was carrying a Whataburger bag.

"This is not a bag of food," the note said, adding that the bag contained a "bom." The note further ordered her to "put money in an envelope and do not make any move till after I have left for ten minutes."

The teller, who police said was a recent hire, remained calm. She told Pugh she would need his identification in order to give him any money.

He pulled out his Wells Fargo debit card and handed it to her.

"How much would you like back?" she asked. "Two thousand," he said.

The teller told him that, to get that much money, he would need to show her a second form of identification. Pugh then gave her a state of Texas ID card, bearing his name.

As she took his card, she pressed the silent alarm at her teller station. She then informed him that she only had $900 in her cash drawer, but that she could go to the back of the bank to get more money.

Pugh elected to take the $900, which he tucked into his shirt pocket. He remembered to get his debit card and ID back, police said. . . .

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