Airport Hotel Clerk Stops Armed Robbery

I assume that this hotel clerk had a concealed handgun permit, though it isn't mentioned in the story. There is a little irony to the fact that there was a recent debate in Georgia about letting permitted concealed handguns around airports.

An airport hotel clerk killed a would-be robber Sunday afternoon during an exchange of gunfire that also left the clerk wounded, Atlanta police said.

The incident happened about 1 p.m. at the Travelodge Atlanta Airport.

Maj. Keith Meadows said the clerk was shot in the abdomen and rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he is in stable condition.

A gunman "attempted to rob the establishment and during the course of that robbery, we believe the clerk pulled his handgun and at that point they exchanged gunfire," Meadows said. "It seems the would-be robber was struck once in the head and killed on scene." . . .



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