Yoyito’s Cafe in Hialeah, scene of mass shooting, reopens

Yoyito’s Cafe in Hialeah, Florida experienced a horrible shooting on Sunday (June 6th), with four people killed, including the estranged wife of the killer.  From NBC TV in Miami:
The doors to Yoyito Restaurant at 495 E. 49th Street opened at about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, as owners and workers at the family owned and operated business were still reeling from the Sunday night shooting. . . .

However, since whether guns are allowed in the restaurant depends on the share of review it receives from alcohol, I called up the restaurant today after they reopened to see if guns were allowed in the restaurant (305-953-0701).   The restaurant does serve alcohol and because it is frequently used for parties its revenue from alcohol is actually above 50% (link pointed out to me by the Yoyito's Cafe).  So this was technically a gun-free zone.



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