Chicago's murder rate up for the year

Well, just in time for the Supreme Court's decision in the McDonald case. From CBS 2 in Chicago:

The murder rate in Chicago is up so far this year, even though most other crime is down.

Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said Sunday that the homicide rate is up 3.8 percent this year compared with last.

A news release on May crime statistics acknowledged, but downplayed, the drop in the homicide rate. The release said the 164 homicides recorded through May of this year were six more than those in the same period last year. . . .

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Blogger Unknown said...

I believe the number of Americans killed in Chicago per year is still higher than the number killed in Iraq.

It's a quaqmire!
We need an exit plan!
Bring the troops home!

There's no reason we should be involved in Chicagoan's civil war....

(All of above in sarcasm-mode, just in case it isn't obvious)

6/07/2010 6:35 PM  
Blogger MathewK said...

We in Australia usually hear of a shooting in Chicago, but not once is it mentioned that Chicago has strict gun control.

6/08/2010 5:41 PM  

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