Obama Justice Department is even challenging Arizona immigration laws signed by Democrat Napolitano

So where is the angry racist rhetoric used against the current Republican Gov. Brewer? I don't possibly see how the law that revokes business licenses based on a firm breaking other laws could be deemed unconstitutional. Does the Obama administration recognize how many crimes prevent one from getting a business license?

The Justice Department is asking the Supreme Court to strike down a state immigration-enforcement law Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano signed as governor of Arizona.

In a filing Friday afternoon, Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal asked the court to hear a challenge brought by employers and immigrant-rights groups to the employer-sanctions statute Napolitano signed in 2007.

"Those provisions disrupt a careful balance that Congress struck nearly 25 years ago between two interests of the highest importance: ensuring that employers do not undermine enforcement of immigration laws by hiring unauthorized workers, while also ensuring that employers not discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities legally in the country," Katyal and other government attorneys wrote. "There is no reason to believe that Congress intended a result that would subvert the purpose and operation of its general prohibition on state sanctions." . . .

By effectively joining the challenges to the law, the Obama Administration is asserting broad federal control of immigration--a position that will make it easier to pursue a lawsuit against the more controversial immigration law passed in Arizona this year allowing local police to make arrests of non-citizens lacking legal status. The administration is also siding with immigrant-rights groups who have accused the White House of not making immigration reform a priority.

A spokesman for Napolitano had no immediate response to a request for comment.

As governor, Napolitano said she thought the state law was valid. Indeed, she was initially a defendant in many of the lawsuits challenging it. The Ninth Circuit rejected those challenges, but the Justice Department is now arguing that that ruling was wrong. . . .

Even pest controllers in Texas can't have a criminal background.

If you have ever been arrested for any cause whatsoever, with the exception of Class C Misdemeanor traffic violations, then you are required to provide the details concerning each arrest. Please Note: Your application will not be processed if you answered yes to the arrest question and do not provide the details requested below. Please be prepared to provide this information as requested. . . .

In Missouri for the salvage business:

Complete a criminal record check. Each owner, partner or principal officer must either submit a current criminal record check made by the Missouri State Highway Patrol or submit a fee of $10 for each record check and the department will have the record check completed. NOTE: If any owner, partner, or principal officer is a resident of a state other than Missouri, a current criminal background record check from your State Highway Patrol or Criminal Investigation Bureau.

In Seattle, Washington, the law is very clear.

-If you are just starting your business and are not certain what business activities you will be conducting, you may apply for additional endorsements at a later date. It is the owner's responsibility to apply for and maintain all required licenses. Failure to be properly licensed may result in substantial penalties. If you will be performing as an adult entertainer or managing an adult entertainment premise you must appear in person at the Revenue and Consumer Affairs Office, Suite 4250, of the Seattle Municipal Tower Building at 700 5th Avenue, Seattle, for a photo identification and a criminal background check.

People who sell cars in Illinois as well as other states:

Per the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/5-105, Investigation of Licensee Required), all applicants must complete a criminal background check. Previously, this procedure was performed by the Illinois Secretary of State as part of the licensing fee.
Per determination of the FBI as of March 1, 2004, it is the responsibility of the applicant to be fingerprinted in order to do a criminal background check. All applicants for license must contact one of the following FBI-certified vendors for fingerprinting. A receipt from one of these vendors must be submitted with the application for license. Any application not containing a fingerprinting receipt or any other required documentation will be returned to the applicant.

Maryland for title service agents:

Criminal background checks- A Maryland criminal background check is required for all officers, partners, owners (licensees) and others who have a financial interest in the dealership. In addition, if any of the licensees or other person with a financial interest in the dealership resides outside of Maryland, or has lived in Maryland for less than 1 year, then their current/former state of residence also must conduct a criminal background check. A background check from a private company will be accepted if the Maryland State Police licenses the company as a Private Investigation Agency. The results of these other state criminal background checks must be submitted.

In Utah, "Any business that involves entering a persons home must provide an original criminal background check from the Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification."

How about to be an Underwater Archaeology? Even a criminal background check is required for that.

Here is some information for Oregon,



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