New Fox News piece: Jamaica's Bloody Lesson On Guns

My newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

Do gun bans really stop criminals from getting guns? Americans need not look any further than the massive gun battle with armed gangs fighting police and soldiers that took place in Kingston, Jamaica today. At least 30 people were killed in the fighting. It is a huge number for a small island nation of fewer than 3 million people, but unfortunately murder is so common in Jamaica that these murders won't even be noticed in the annual crime numbers.

With Chicago's Mayor Daley again claiming that a gun ban is necessary to keep Chicagoans safe, Jamaica and other countries with gun bans might teach Americans a lesson.

Everyone wants to keep guns away from criminals, but the question is: who is most likely to obey the law? . . .

UPDATE: The number dead in this fighting has apparently risen to 44. For another discussion see this here.

UPDATE 2: A discussion of Jamaica's ban on guns in 1974 is here.

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