Eight states have now passed the "Firearms Freedom Act"

Alaska becomes the eighth state to pass the "Firearms Freedom Act,"

With reasonable courts, these laws shouldn't be necessary, but the courts will probably strike them down.

Firearms bills

Parnell also signed two bills pertaining to firearms regulations, one of which, House Bill 186, was sponsored by Kelly, a Fairbanks Republican.

That bill establishes the Alaska Firearms Freedom Act and exempts anyone manufacturing guns, ammunition or firearms accessories in Alaska from federal regulation as long as the items are used exclusively in Alaska.

While Kelly isn’t aware of any gun manufacturers in Alaska, he said the bill opens the door for anyone who wants to do so without interference from the federal government.

“What we’ve done is made it possible,” Kelly said.

Parnell said there is “no constitutional basis” for federal regulation of guns and ammunition made and used in Alaska.

While the bill is expected to be challenged in court, Kelly said that “may be desirable” and the bill is meant to send a message to the Obama administration “about the overreach of federal government.”

The other bill, House

Bill 319 by Anchorage Republican Rep. Mike Hawker, clarifies the state’s concealed-carry law. Among other things, the law allows the Department of Public Safety to use electronic applications and post regulations and statutes on its website and requires the department to mail a notice to the permit holder at least 90 days before the date the permit expires.

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