Baltimore City Council President gets one of the rare Concealed Handgun permits issued in Maryland

Few people get concealed handgun permits in Maryland. At least important politicians understand the benefits from permits and are able to get one for themselves.

Baltimore City Council President Jack Young revealed this week that he has a conceal carry permit for a gun after drug dealers threatened his family.

Maryland State Police confirm to WBAL Radio that Young has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

But spokesman Greg Shipley says no information will be released to explain why Young was granted the permit. That he says is considered investigatory information.

The revelation from Young came during a media tour of his two homes in the City.

Young's full time residency has been called into question after a WBAL TV report of his water bills showed that he owed the same amount for one of his home's as properties that are vacant in the city.

The Council President told reporters on Wednesday he splits his time between two homes in the city. One is on Madison Street and the other on Central Avenue. Young says he needed to find another home to live in after the drug dealers threatened his family because they were angering he was talking to police about their activities. . . .



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Sounds just like NJ's corruption and gun laws.

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