Major Garrett: Obama will use Health Care Summit to get on Offense

So much for the notion of working together with Republicans (as if more evidence against that idea was really necessary).

"We're always better when we're on offense," a senior official told Fox. "The summit is us on offense. At the end it will be painfully clear to American that Republicans have absolutely no intention of cooperating on health care."
The Obama dynamic that works, the White House believes, is one where he's seen as a facilitator, a leader on complex issues who can debate policy nuances without notes or a cadre of whispering aides.
Obama intends to put all of these skills on display. That's why he's set aside six hours (minus time for lunch) for the summit - a virtually unprecedented allocation of presidential time for bi-partisan policy talks.
A look at the White House agenda, meticulously designed to amplify Obama's role and voice, indicates Republicans will spar with Obama - still more popular than they are, rather than Democratic congressional leaders who are not. . . .

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