"The Shifting Job Market"

The number unemployed has been rising more slowly.

But one must understand that unemployment is measured in terms of people who are still looking for work. The number unemployed has slowed because so many people are leaving the labor force. Just as the number of people unemployed has slowed, the number not even looking has increased.

It is amazing to see how the sum of the number Unemployment + Not in Labor Force just goes marching up in a straight line. Does this look like things are improving at all?

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Blogger Unknown said...

Plus 1, gotta add me to the unemployed.

After 32+ years as an engineer/scientist/R&D Director, I hit the streets on Friday after clearing out my office.

When Obama was elected, I was a leader in a division with 143 PhD's.

Now, one year in, only 5 of the 143 remain employed in an attempt to deal with the costs of new regulations and restrictions enacted by Obama's administration.

I get to leave the ranks of those who produce and enter the ranks of those who take - obviously the future of America.

And at a balding/gray age 54, I'm almost guaranteed to need to keep on taking - I'd make a perfect Democrat.

Thanks for the change, Obama!

1/10/2010 9:28 PM  

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