Most union members now work for the government

From the AP:

The number of union workers employed by the government for the first time outnumbered union ranks in the private sector last year, the result of massive layoffs that plunged the rate of private sector union membership to a record low.
Local, state and government workers made up 51.5 percent of all union members in 2009, up from 48.7 percent a year ago, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.
Overall, union membership declined by 771,000 workers, to 15.3 million. But with the number of nonunion workers also shrinking, the rate of union membership fell only slightly to 12.3 percent of all workers from 12.4 percent in 2008.
Private sector union membership plummeted by 10 percent, while government unions posted slight gains. . . .

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Blogger Unknown said...

Isn't this telling about where the Obama administrtion wants the county to go? Grow the government, tax and spend, keep as many voters as they can beholding to the government. Look where it's gotten us,too much debt, fewer jobs, more freedoms taken away and more Americans unsatified with their lives.

1/23/2010 4:06 PM  

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