Dems refuse to budge on Abortion language

A couple dozen Democrats are refusing to go along with their party's health care bill unless it includes a provision to ban the use of public funds for abortion.

the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said it can't support a health overhaul bill unless the anti-abortion language is strengthened.
Unless an eleventh-hour agreement is reached, Stupak intends to carry through on a threat he's been holding over House leaders for months: to block action on the larger health overhaul bill unless he's allowed to offer a stand-alone amendment during floor debate to include the Hyde amendment restrictions in the health overhaul bill.
Such an amendment would be almost certain to prevail, since it likely would attract the votes of most Republicans as well as some Democrats. So Democratic leaders won't let Stupak offer it.
Instead, it appears they may have to take the risk of letting Stupak try to block action on the underlying bill, which he intends to do by assembling "no" votes on a procedural measure that needs to pass before debate can begin.
In the Senate, where the leading health overhaul bill includes language similar to that in the House, abortion has been much less of an issue. . . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

The Democratic Party may be a big tent these days, but it sounds like they've got a knife fight going on in there. Must be all that "leadership" from the White House.

10/23/2009 12:48 PM  
Blogger Mike aka Proof said...

Good for them!

10/23/2009 1:00 PM  
Blogger pops1911 said...

I still say we should perform retroactive abortions on all these idiots - they seem to be in favor of murder & other constitutionally invalid policies including economics, lack of checks & balances in the Fed as well as abolishment of all citizen's rights.....Except of course, the right to mooch off any prosperous individuals or corporate entities.

Start at the top & work our way down to the lowest idiot including the voters that put them in office!!

10/23/2009 9:05 PM  

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