Comparing Bob Dylan to Professor Gates

Michael McGruther made what should have been an obvious connection to more people.

On a rainy day last week in Long Branch, NJ, Bob Dylan, wearing a hood, was peering into a for-sale home when a neighbor called the police fearing he might be a burglar. Two young officers arrived on the scene and neither of them knew who Bob Dylan was. They asked for I.D. - he had none but explained he was a musician on tour with John Mellencamp and they were set to play at a nearby stadium in Lakewood. Without fuss or anger, Mr. Dylan was escorted back to his tour bus where he produced I.D.
That was that. End of incident.
The way CNN reported it made certain you’d never see the obvious correlation to the Professor Gates incident in Boston. How did they do this? With the headline, ”Bob Dylan a Complete Unknown in NJ Town,” which is a pretty vague headline and gives no indication police were even present. . . .

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Blogger The Fitful Fury said...

So glad you posted this! I was thinking that very same thing... How conveniently nobody has mentioned this correlation!

Thanks for posting!

8/20/2009 11:40 AM  

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