Editorial on Pelosi's registration comments

The Washington Times has this:

The speaker picked a television show with a viewership of 4.6 million to float the Democrats' coming gun-control push. Questioned on ABC's "Good Morning America" about the prospect of new gun-control laws now that "it's a Democratic president, a Democratic House," she responded, "We don't want to take their guns away. We want them registered."

Politicians and bureaucrats routinely claim that registration helps solve crimes. If a registered gun is used in a crime and left at the crime scene, registration supposedly lets the police trace the gun back to the criminal. Though this turn of events might work on fictional TV crime shows, it virtually never occurs in real life. Criminals' guns are rarely left at crime scenes. When guns are left behind, it usually is because a crook has been seriously injured or killed and the police are poised to catch him anyway. . . . .

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Blogger Steve said...

Do you think the anti-gun crowd's real agenda is to regulate guns out of existence since they don't think that they can ban them outright? I think so. Why else is the Obama admin spreading propoganda about American guns going to Mexico if not to justify/pass the assault weapons ban again even though the evidence shows it did nothing to reduce gun-related crime before? I saw the Mexican Ambassador today on TV spouting the same nonsense as if it were fact. Apparently, Mexico is willing to endorse the lie if it gets Obama to send money/aid to Mexico.

4/12/2009 11:31 PM  

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