More on the Alabama shooting

The few shots that he fired in public were from the open window of his speeding car, but even here privately owned guns potentially could have made a difference. ABC News reports:

McLendon fired several shots at the Bradley TrueValue Hardware store before heading out of town for Geneva, 12 miles away.

"We were just business as normal, and all of a sudden there were bullets flying and glass was everywhere," owner David Bradley told the Dothan Eagle newspaper. "We realized what it was and grabbed our guns, but then he was gone."

Thanks to David Del Buono for the link.

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Blogger Rail Claimore said...

Given what I know about my home state, I thought the killer had been extremely lucky not to run into at least one person who was legally carrying. The "firing from his car" explains things, and I'm not at all surprised that some of the people who were shot at did have guns ready and nearby.

In fact, that might have actually saved some lives in this instance. Knowing that so many people have guns here, he probably had to shoot from his car to avoid a quick end... meaning he sacrificed accuracy and bought time for law enforcement.

3/15/2009 3:55 AM  

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