What does this have to do with schooling?: Environmental Indoctrination

I have seen this first hand in my kids school. Biology class turned into a semester long primer on how to recycle. There was no alternative view provided in the class. Here is the news story that set me off.

Could environmental education be crossing into environmental indoctrination? Some critics say yes, as schools boast that such curricula simply is teaching children ways of caring for the earth.

Being a "good" student at Western Avenue Elementary School in Flossmoor, Ill., means more than just doing reading, writing and arithmetic well. It also means trying to save the planet.

"It's really important to help the earth and save the polar bears," 9-year-old Duree Everett said, as she colored a "go green" sign at her desk.

The students are taking part in what's called "National Green Week," organized by the Green Education Foundation. Schools across the country are encouraged to teach children about recycling, global warming and carbon footprints.

"It's important to start creating habits now, while children are young, because it can add up over a lifetime to make huge monumental consequences to the environment," said Victoria Waters, president of the Green Education Foundation.

Children as young as 5 years old are told to avoid plastic water bottles, carry lunches in reusable containers, to conserve water and reduce their trash, both at school and at home. They're also taught that planet earth is in trouble and animals' lives could be in danger. . . .

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Blogger Harry Schell said...

Kids have been indoctrinated in the theology of benevolent government with uneding resources to make us all happy...why not Algeorean behavior too?

Bill Ayers and acolytes are doing high fives...

2/07/2009 1:55 PM  
Blogger David Verjano said...

While I do agree that pushing something sown a child's throat is not healthy or just, there should be some sort of environmental awareness at all levels of education. Not teaching kids about the issues that exist, would be to disregard the realities of our planet.

Sure Global Climate Change is still in debate, but there's no doubt that consumerism and wastefulness has contributed to some of our planet's problems.

It's hard to believe that all of our actions have not amounted to one singular effect on the environment. Was there a hole in the Ozone layer before human existence? Did it come out of "thin air"? We do have an effect on the planet to some degree and we should begin to realize that.

2/07/2009 6:48 PM  
Blogger Gen from the purple of Texas said...

I like the idea of teaching children environmental responsibility, ways to recycle and of their roles in all of it. Teach them to be aware and to think, not by fear or guilt association. Teach them how to live responsibly (we have taken the parents out of the home, so it is unfortunately left to teachers).

However, there is more evidence against global warming than for, and science is about examining evidence and analyzing data. The global warming theory has a political bias that shouldn't play a role in science classes.

2/09/2009 10:52 PM  

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