So where did the bailout money go?

Note: My son Maxim helped work on this some.

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Blogger Me, not you said...

John Lott's CV shows he is a complete failure and cannot get tenure anywhere! Congrats on your failure!

You are becoming famous for your idiocy on elections now too - CONGRATS!

Thank god U of C was smart enough to MOVE YOU ALONG!

12/22/2008 7:59 PM  
Blogger ktappe said...

You named your son "Maxim"?? I'm sorry, but that really seems odd...it gives images of naming a kid "Playboy" or "Penthouse." :-\

12/23/2008 12:00 AM  
Blogger The Right Guy said...

First off, Fred should refrain from ad hominem attacks and comments that are off subject. Secondly, John, I wonder if you find this interesting: the same folks that passed this bailout, which of course is the same people that voted it down until they got enough swag and pork, are the same folks that are now complaining it's being abused and there isn't accountability. What gaul and shamelessness. The bailout should not have happened to begin with. This is a self-created drama for the politicians o make it look like they are somehow productive. Tell your son good job and good luck working with Stossel.

12/23/2008 2:54 PM  
Blogger bg said...


John Lott & Maxim

re: fred @ 7:59 PM

don't you just love the "all you need is love people"..

Happy Christmas & Merry New Year


12/23/2008 3:04 PM  
Blogger The Right Guy said...

John obviosuly has a unique sense of humor. I was think of Dr. Maxim myself, but that is a completely different area of expertise. Is your son quiet? :)

12/23/2008 8:40 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear KurtTappe and The Right Guy:

Maxim is 21 years old. I do not believe that Maxim magazine was around until some years after he was born. It is also a relatively well known name in Sweden, which is where his mom is from.

12/24/2008 1:20 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It does not matter where the bail out money went. Because no amount of money is going to solve the financial crisis we are facing today. This is because we are not focusing on the real cause: Greed. For this reason this crisis will not stop, but only worsen until we change our attitudes towards others and learn to work together. Michael Laitman explains the solution to this crisis on his blog.
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3/09/2009 12:15 AM  

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