Why are the Press finding so many people who dislike Palin to interview when she has such high approval ratings?

Here are two polls from late July to the beginning of September.

American Viewpoint (September 2, 2008):

Her job approval rating is astoundingly high with an 86% overall approval rating and 63% strongly approving of her job performance. Independents approve by a margin of 86% - 10% and there is absolutely no gender gap. 97% of Republicans approve of the job she is doing as do 75% of Democrats. She receives high job approval ratings across all regions of Alaska. . . .

Hays Research (7/24/08 - 7/25/08):

Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of Sarah Palin?

Very favorable 179/404 44.3%
Somewhat favorable 144/404 35.6%
Total somewhat + very favorable 323/404 80.0%

Somewhat unfavorable 44/404 10.9%
Very unfavorable 21/404 5.2%
Total somewhat + very unfavorable 65/404 16.1%

No Opinion 12/404 3.0%
Never heard of 4/404 1.0%

Look at how the polls have changed in Alaska. In late July Rasmussen found McCain ahead by only 6 percentage points in Alaska over Obama. Now McCain/Palin is ahead by 31 percent. It doesn't look like too many people dislike her.

OK, with these polls, what is the percentage of people who are interviewed in Alaska dislike her? Monitoring CNN over the last week indicates to me that the vast majority of people that they interview from Alaska dislike her.



Blogger Dustin said...

Just goes to prove that the media is specifically looking for those who dislike her. They have to turn away 8 or 9 people for every one they find who does not. Their phone call probably goes like this: "Do you like Governor Palin? Yes? Ok have a nice day, click."

9/11/2008 4:37 PM  

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