Illinois State Rifle Association Exec Director Richard Pearson on Obama

Pearson knows Obama well, saying that he was head of the ISRA while Obama was a state senator and Pearson had dealings with him during that time.

"Any sportsman who counts Barack Obama as one of his friends is seriously confused," said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. "Throughout his tenure in the Illinois Senate, Obama served as one of the most loyal foot soldiers in Mayor Daley's campaign to abolish civilian firearm ownership. While a state senator, Obama voted for legislation that would ban and forcibly confiscate nearly every shotgun, target rifle and hunting rifle in the state. Obama also voted for bills that would ration the number of firearms a law-abiding citizen could own, yet give a pass to the violent thugs who roam our streets. And, inexplicably, Obama voted four times against legislation that would allow citizens to use firearms to defend their homes and families."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, John
I stumbled on your site after doing my "due diligence" to track down and verify the facts in a letter circulating now in emails from Mr. Pearson of the Illinois Rifle Association.
I will enjoy reading and browsing through your links to other work you have done.

10/17/2008 9:53 AM  

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