"At-risk Dems back drilling"

Pelosi has apparently told Dems to publicly oppose her on oil drilling at the same time she will keep any vote from occurring. The strategy is to let the Dems oppose her so that they will be protected from voter anger. Here is the story from the Politico:

Rahall spent more than an hour last week talking to the president about energy. Bush spent the entire flight aboard Air Force One, and much of a subsequent limousine ride, grilling the West Virginia Democrat about legislative solutions to the high price of gasoline, Rahall said last week.

So, does the president think Congress can get anything done this year?

“No,” Rahall replied in a short interview with Politico. “He’s realistic about it.”

Asked if Congress will produce a comprehensive energy bill in September before Congress adjourns again for elections, Rahall replied, “This year? No.”

Instead, the chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources believes Democrats are all about 2009. . . . .

It is nice to know that the Dems don't mind waiting until 2009 to deal with this issue. The question is can the Republicans educate people on the game that is being played here.

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