Western States moving to Cap Greenhouse emissions

These changes will supposedly not cost customers anything. Apparently they concede that companies will feel something, but I suppose that is only going to be born by shareholders. Here is the discussion from the Oregonian:

Large utility companies and factory owners would feel the effects first, followed by fuel distributors, as they face limits on their greenhouse gas emissions. Individual Oregonians would not feel the limits firsthand but probably would see changes in how their power is generated.

State officials who unveiled the approach in Gov. Ted Kulongoski's offices said the draft strategy's mandates may push power rates and fuel prices up slightly. But Oregonians should see lower bills in the end because the strategy promotes conservation measures that should reduce energy use, they said. . . .

This is nonsensical. I have a hard time believing that these guys really believe this themselves. If these costs were so trivial, why are companies so opposed to the mandates?

Thanks to Stephen Gernand for sending me this link.

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