More on media bias in presidential race

Here are the results of a new Opinion Dynamics Corp poll for Fox News:

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (67 percent) say they believe most in the media want Obama to win the November election—while a scant 11 percent think the media are pulling for John McCain. Moreover, only about 1 in 10 (11 percent) volunteers the belief that the media is neutral on the race to become the 44th President of the United States.

When asked to rate the objectivity of media coverage of the campaigns, Americans feel Obama gets more of a positive spin by a better than 7-to-1 margin (46 percent more positive toward Obama; 6 percent more positive toward McCain). Just under 4 Americans in 10 (36 percent) says both campaigns are being covered objectively.

As Obama traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, many noted his popularity with the both foreign leaders as well as citizens of the various countries he visited. But does this gain him any electoral benefit among U.S. voters? The results seem mixed, at best. . . .

The survey results can be seen here.

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Blogger Junkyard Sam said...

Clearly Obama is getting more coverage than McCain in our tabloid TV news. Did you expect better from the big media monopolies?

I'd argue that with more good coverage comes more bad coverage. There's no shortage of that.

The worst part of all though is - good or bad, there's no discussion of actual issues. It's all fake issues and junk journalism. Flag burning, black preachers, "Is Obama a Muslim?" etc...

It's an age of political rockstars and presidents "you'd like to have a beer with" served up with a healthy dose of expensive commercials peddling destructive products and consumer junk no one needs.

That's why I READ my news and wish the DemocratIC party had a nominee who wasn't quite so "corporate approved."

We need a government that actually represents The People. Does that scare you?

Probably not. You're "inside" enough you probably know it'll never happen. It seems The People have been dumbed down to the point fake issues like guns, god, and gays will trick them every time.

And if they don't get tricked it can always be fixed in the Supreme Court.

7/24/2008 6:50 PM  

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