"Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1"

Investor's Business Daily has a very interesting piece where they look at how the employees of different media outlets give political donations to Democrats and Republicans. Fox News and Fox employees only seems to give money to Democrats. MSNBC is the only media outlet that gives more money to Republicans than Democrats.

UPDATE: John Fund has this in today's WSJ Political DIary:

The Real Revelation: Not All Pressies Are Skinflints

. . . . Federal Election Commission records show, for instance, that Democrats collected 15 times as much money from those who described themselves as journalists as Republicans did. A total of 235 "journalists" donated some $225,563 to Democrats, while 20 gave $16,298 Republicans. A database search of other newsroom categories (reporter, correspondent, news editor, anchor, newspaper editor and publisher) found a total of 311 donors to Democrats and only 30 to Republicans.

When one adds up all contributions listed by the FEC as coming from employees of major media organizations, the totals are $315,533 to Democrats and a mere $22,656 for Republicans. And most of the money donated to Republicans went to Rep. Ron Paul, a maverick libertarian who supports an immediate withdrawal from Iraq and decriminalization of drugs, not exactly traditional conservative positions.

Most large media organizations have policies against news employees donating to political campaigns, so the numbers unearthed from the FEC certainly aren't definitive. . . . .

-- John Fund



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that Fox News gave zero to Republicans, but Dems refuse to debate there and abhor their coverage of things...

7/25/2008 9:56 AM  

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