Barack Obama on what Whites think

Barack Obama describing his first meeting with Rev. Wright:

"Reverend Wright shrugged. 'Some of my fellow clergy don't appreciate what we're about. They feel like we're too radical.'"

You can find a long set of his quotes here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is damaged goods.

He has taken his rage for a "father" who abandoned him and has converted it into a projected hatred for his white side and by extension, his nation. With "heroes", like Malcolm X, to mold his thinking, he has swallowed the hatred of racist black exceptionalism and separatism whole and made it his.

Could explain his temper.

I wonder if there are any psychologists with the nerve to address Obama's beliefs?

6/08/2008 9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obama's father is black.... how would his 'hatred' for him be projected on too his white side?

6/08/2008 10:47 PM  

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