British Conservatives win big in local elections, taking even London

The BBC reports:

Conservative leader David Cameron has hailed the local election results as a "big moment" for the party.
Mr Cameron said the results marked a positive vote for his party, not just a protest against the government.
He said that a Boris Johnson win in the London mayor race - now widely tipped - would be "enormously important".
The Conservatives have made over 190 gains in council seats with Labour likely to be pushed into third place by the Liberal Democrats.
Speaking to reporters outside his London home, Mr Cameron said: "I think this is a very big moment for the Conservative Party, but I don't want anyone to think that we would deserve to win an election just on the back of a failing government.
"I want us to really prove to people that we can make the changes that they want to see and that's what I'm going to devote myself and my party to doing over the next few months." . . .

The conservatives now control 65 councils to 18 for labour.



Blogger Bill O' Rites said...

Unfortunately it wont make a ha'porth of difference, as the Conservatives are just as enamoured with populism & power as Labour & will do nothing effective to cure the nation's ills.
Don't forget that almost all restrictions on UK citizens' access to firearms have been made or initiated by Conservative governments:

The removal of self defence as "good reason" to own a firearm.

The 1987 ban on semi automatic rifles & restrictions on shotgun magazine capacities.

The 1996 Bill to outlaw centre fire handguns (turned into a ban on ALL handguns under Labour in 1997).

5/03/2008 9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second Bill's comment.

With "friends" like the Tories, shooters don't need to look for enemies.

It is frightening how many Brits are openly talking about voting BNP (nazi) at the next general election.

The Tory party are as big a part of Britain's problems as Labour.

Both have overseen continued attacks on gun ownership.

Both have massivly increased the size of the state, the burden of red tape and the powers of the state over the citizens.

Both seem to run the country with an eye to cosy directorships in the companies who they make favourable decisions for, for the Financial services sector in London, or for some "President" or "Commissioner" job in Europe.

There appears to be no accountability to the electorate. Infact, Due to Scottish devolution, the constituents of Gordon Brown, are hardly affected by his Govts decisions.

Britain needs a new party of the centre right, which respects individual rights, and which will drasticall cut back on the state.

National socialists are just another set of fat state clowns like labour and the tories, only even more dangerous.


5/06/2008 1:14 PM  

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