Southern Oregon Newspaper Fighting to Get List of Conceal Carry Permits

The Mail Tribune reports:

The Mail Tribune is entitled to the list of concealed handgun licenses issued in Jackson County that it sought from Sheriff Mike Winters, according to an opinion issued Friday by Jackson County Circuit Court Judge G. Philip Arnold.

"We were confident all along that concealed weapon permits are public records," said Editor Bob Hunter. "They've always been public records."

The newspaper asked for a list of concealed weapons permits issued in 2006 and 2007 in Jackson County about eight months ago as part of an investigation into news that a South Medford High School teacher had such a permit and wanted to carry her gun at school. . . .

Of course, this defeats part of the purpose of having concealed handguns, where the identity of who has the permit is unknown.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

House Rep. Linda Flores said yesterday that she intends to introduce legsilation that would keep that info private. Many of these people get CHL's because they are worried about their safety, whether it’s from a stalker, a case of domestic violence, or some other threat. Making their names, addresses and other records public might jeopardize their security.”

Oregon Firearms Fed. sent out an email notice yesterday with an update: http://oregonfirearms.org/alertspage/04.28.08alert.html

4/29/2008 4:44 PM  

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