Atlas Shrugged Coming to the Big Screen

L ionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns has an interview here about the movie. He also talks about redoing the Fountainhead.

Box Office Mojo: What's the project's status?

Michael Burns: It's in active development—I'm reading the script. The challenge has been whether it's one or two movies. We're finding consolidation, trying to get set pieces and other moving parts working together, trying to get the essence of the book. . . .
Michael Burns: We have a talented director, a producing team, we have the rights and we have a woman who's arguably the biggest movie star in the world who wants to play Dagny Taggart—probably one of the greatest heroines of literature. . . .

Box Office Mojo: The novel is divided into three parts, Non-Contradiction, Either-Or and A is A—?

Michael Burns: —But I think it's really in two parts. There's a great moment in the book where Dagny basically steals back her own train—and certainly that would be a great place to break the movie up. It's hard to make one movie from 1,200 pages. . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pictured below, the chances of this actually resembling the original novel, rather than a perversion born both of failing to understand and utterly loathing everything that Ayn Rand proposed. (Failings of Ayn Rand's philosophy included, but that's a different beast.)

[This space intentionally left blank]

4/25/2008 6:26 PM  

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