Some more reactions

"The Supreme Court justices, hearing a historic argument on the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, signaled they are likely to strike down a handgun ban in the District of Columbia and rule that homeowners have a right to keep a gun for self-defense."

David Savage
Los Angeles Times

"While we do not expect the Supreme Court to strike down every gun law and regulation on the books, we anticipate that the court will rule once and for all that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual civil right, and that gun bans, even on specific types of commonly-owned firearms, do not stand up under even modest scrutiny."

Alan Gottlieb
SAF founder

"While that conclusion alone could elate many gun-rights supporters, that may not have been the most difficult question in the case argued today before the court. That question is: If such a constitutional right exist, how may legislatures and city councils limit that right? And the profound disagreements Tuesday among the justices on that question suggest that the answer may come amid some serious shades of grey."

James Oliphant

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