Turnpike Toll Takers in Massachusetts Have Been Carrying Guns For Decades with No Training and No Problems

Even though there appears to have been no problems over decades, you can't risk a "wild west" shootout:

Gun-toting toll collectors have been stripped of their sidearms by Mass Pike brass after secretly carrying them for decades without formal training, the Herald has learned.

“I didn’t want to have a wild west show out there,” said Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Executive Director Alan LeBovidge, who ordered the practice stopped. “I could find nothing to show that the employees had state police training that would make them qualified to carry guns.”

But union officials said they are going to fight to allow the toll collectors to keep their weapons, even though a Pike review found the guns were not being properly maintained, with firing pins misaligned and other problems. . . .

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Blogger Bruce said...

For the record, this isn't a 2nd amendment issue so much as it's a liability issue for the state. If an incident were to occur where a bystander was shot and injured by an individual with a taxpayer-funded weapon, and then it's shown that the employee with the gun was not trained in its use, the settlement against the state would be in the tens of millions, if not higher.

No one has the right to have the government provide him with a firearm.

2/29/2008 8:58 AM  

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